Anisha is the head of Stakeholder Engagement at the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) in Brussels, and has been in the field of international development for 18 years with extensive knowledge of global development issues covering Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Pacific regions.


She is Chairperson of Ka Tutandike Trust UK, a philanthropic body that supports marginalised communities in Uganda and is an INSEAD alumni on Social Entrepreneurship. Previously Anisha spent four years leading the Human Development Programme at the Commonwealth Foundation - an intermediary role between government and civil society, and she has worked in Afghanistan for the German Government as well as the UN and international NGOs in the Asian region. Anisha holds a MA in International Studies, BA in Sociology, Economics and English and a Diploma in Journalism.


As an advocate for policy change Anisha has been employing rights-based development approaches with an emphasis on vulnerable people of the global South as well as promoting multi-stakeholder collaboration on sustainable global supply chains