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Impact Producer 

Geneva, Switzerland

Shiva is a communications professional and digital strategy consultant. 

Based in Geneva, Shiva has experience in project development, management and communications for international organisations including The UN Refugee Agency (UNCHR), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and TEDx.


Grounded in the belief that creative expression can be used as a tool to educate and inspire change, she is deeply passionate about developing and integrating authentic and empathetic forms of arts and culture initiatives into the public discourse of organisations.


She is currently working as an Impact Producer for ‘Call me Intern’ a documentary feature directed by David Leo Hyde and Nathalie Berger that was in the running for the 2020 Oscars: it challenges youth stereotypes and helps give voice to the growing movement for intern rights across the world. 


Previously, she accompanied visual artist Alec Von Bargen to Lebanon and Kyrgyzstan for ’Project So.lil.o.quy’, an award-winning series to reveal Médecins Sans Frontières’ daily practice around the world amidst unfolding global conflicts. 

Raised in India, by an around the female forces behind ‘Salam Bombay!’, who were highly formative and influential in shaping her love for film as a catalyst for change. 





Production Manager 

Toronto, Canada  

Having worked on more than eighty hours of commissioned factual content for television and feature-length specials, Monica has delivered programs for the BBC, Channel 4, Fusion US, FX America, Netflix, Sky, ITV, Discovery, Al-Jazeera, and various corporate clients. 


Career highlights include Food Exposed, an eight-part series for Fusion US about dark secrets of food, Inside Vogue, a two-part BBC series with unprecedented access to the fashion bible Vogue, Bare Knuckle Fight Club, a Channel 4 & FX US co-pro exploring male identity & the underworld of bare-knuckle fighting, together with Bafta-nominated BBC eight-part series Keeping Britain Alive, looking at the largest public health care system in the world. 

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