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Anisha is a senior global expert who has two decades of global expertise working at the intersection of human rights, business, and international development. She has worked in the non-profit, Inter-governmental, UN, and the Private sectors with extensive field experience. Anisha is widely known and respected for strategically combining the roles of leader, facilitator, and integrator, bringing people together and working across countries to achieve shared goals. 


Till recently, she was Europe-based, heading the Stakeholder Engagement unit of a leading business association. Anisha led the business and human rights agenda towards ensuring safe jobs in dignified working conditions. 


Now, based in Asia, Anisha is the Director of Stakeholder Engagement at the Fair Labour Alliance (FLA).  She supports companies to ethically recruit and manage workforces and mitigate risk of illegal and unethical exploitation.


Anisha is also the Chairperson of Ka Tutandike Trust UK, a philanthropic body supporting marginalized communities in Uganda and is an INSEAD alumni on Social Entrepreneurship. 


Anisha holds a MA in International Development and a Diploma in Journalism.

Find her on LinkedIn.

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