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Tell2C Founder

Executive Producer/ Business Development

Gex, FRANCE, New York, U.S.A

Amelia is a two-time Primetime Emmy-nominated Supervising Producer and Genesis Award-winning producer-director.

In 2020 Amelia wrapped as a Senior Producer for VICE on a series about young global activists called "The New Resistance", and currently she is working as an Executive Producer at the USC SHOAH Foundation, creating immersive and educational content inspired by over 55,000 testimonials of Holocaust and Genocide survivors from around the world.

For over two decades, Amelia has developed, pitched, produced, directed, supervised, and executive produced award-winning content for Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, History Channel, FremantleMedia, Smithsonian Channel, A&E, and VICE in New York, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Geneva, and France.

She worked as the VP of Development for the award-winning production company Pangolin Pictures in New York for seven years, and in 2013, Amelia founded Tell2C Productions with the desire to continue to utilize her storytelling skills for good. Since then, she has collaborated with FilmAid and the talented filmmakers of Kakuma Refugee Camp and is now proudly a FilmAid Board Member.

She has worked with UNICEF, ActionAid, and The Gates Foundation to create compelling advocacy films on women and empowerment all over Africa. In South Sudan, she produced and distributed multimedia content for the United Nations, which was featured in Vanity Fair, Discovery, and Global Citizens social media platforms.

She was a judge for the Reel Impact and IOM Global Migration Film Festival, which was in 106 Countries with over 500 screenings, a judge for the 41st, 42nd, and the LA 73rd News and Doc Emmys, a senior consultant for WHO, for their first-ever film festival, and is an active member of the Television Academy and Global Impact Producers. And last but not least, she is a proud member of Brown Girl Doc Mafia.

Daughters Nyah and Zaeya, her two best productions, are the reason she decided to take Tell2C to the next level as an all-female global crew of fiercely talented storytellers for change.

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