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Pyeontaek, South Korea

Multi-disciplinary artist Jessica Oreck often says that she collects the invisible. Not the magical, science-fiction version, but the stuff of life that is so commonplace, it has receded below our collective conscious awareness. Working across film, animation, collage, photography, miniatures, and large-scale installation, all of Jessica’s work creates a sense of wonder about those invisible, overlooked aspects of the everyday.

In 2021, Jessica opened a museum in Las Vegas, NV called the Office of Collection and Design.  It is devoted to the minuscule, the forgotten, and the discarded.  It is essentially a 1000-square-foot installation - a palpable, interactive manifestation of nostalgia. Visitors have described the museum as “a mix of your grandparent’s attic and Hogwarts Castle.” And have said the collections themselves are “wondrous,” “magical,” “charming,” and “full of unexpected life.” It has been featured everywhere from Colossal to Atlas Obscura. Through the museum, Jessica presents various associated traveling exhibits, installations, and workshops around the US.

The Office of Collecting and Design also doubles as both an animation studio and a prop house for Jessica’s extensive work in film and animation. Two of her bite-sized, animated series were commissioned by TED, and more are underway for a soon-to-launch network. Her films have been shown at festivals including Sundance, SXSW, and Tribeca as well playing theatrically around the world. The Criterion Collection recently hosted a retrospective of her documentary features. When not making films, Jessica spends her time collecting - and these days - sharing those collections with visitors from around the world.


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