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Reyad Farraj is a New York based attorney and producer.


Over the past ten years Mr. Farraj has handled numerous legal and business transactions ranging from intellectual property technology licensing agreements to multi-million dollar real estate acquisitions and conversions. As a film producer, Mr. Farraj has produced awarded winning independent films such as “Men Without Jobs” and “ Jellysmoke” as well as worked with established independent feature film directors such as Mary Harron (I Shot Andy Warhol, American Psycho, The Moth Diaries).

In 2010, Mr. Farraj financed and produced the short film “Sonnet for a Towncar” which was written and directed by Mary Harron and featured Josh Charles (The Good Wife). Over the last few years, Mr. Farraj partially financed and produced Michael Melamedoff’s (Weakness) second feature film entitled “The Exhibitionists” which was the feature film debut for Laverine Cox as well as produced and served as legal production counsel on Matthew Brown’s first feature film entitled “Julia”. Julia has won
numerous International Independent Film festival awards and is currently distributed in over 30 countries.
Mr. Farraj continues to act as legal counsel for many emerging filmmakers.

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