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Producer / Production Manager


Debra is a storyteller, producer, production manager, trainer, and photographer who is passionate about creating human interest stories with depth and realism.


During her eight years of experience, she has produced compelling content commissioned and broadcast by Reuters International, Al Jazeera, Netflix, Common Good Productions, ActionAid, Transparency International, and the National Film Board of Canada, among others. 


Debra’s biggest film highlight has been collaborating with FilmAid Kenya. She has had the opportunity to work with refugees in creating impactful stories, by them and for them. The refugees were empowered to develop and create their own stories by receiving field training, mentorship, and support, where Debra was an integral part of the team. She has traveled all over Kenya, producing films to help others find their voice. Most of the locations and communities are in difficult to reach places with marginalized communities, and this has afforded Debra the title of “hardship producer”. 


Currently, she is a part-time lecturer at the Africa Digital Media Institute, is in pre-production for a documentary on a Kenyan political activist, and is focused on her latest beautiful creation, her son Hawii. 

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