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Twitter:  @iseescott

Communicator/Radio Producer


Irene is a communicator and radio producer who specializes in amplifying the voices of communities affected by crisis. For the last seven years, she has been working with people displaced by conflict, natural disaster or climate change across the Pacific, South Sudan, Europe, and Bangladesh. She believes that access to timely and accurate information in the right language allows people to make lifesaving decisions for themselves and their families.


She specializes in community media, community engagement, feedback mechanisms, rumor tracking, conflict-sensitive reporting, and narrowcasting. She has run narrowcasting services off the back of motorbikes in South Sudan, trained journalists for the United Nations, and designed systems to enable Rohingya refugees to communicate their needs and preferences to humanitarian workers in Bangladesh.


Before entering this field, Irene worked as a journalist, radio producer and presenter with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for eight years. Her reporting on refugee rights in Australia for the national current affairs program ‘Hack’ saw her nominated for the Walkley Young Journalist of the Year award.

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